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How to Make YOUR Info Marketing Business Immune to Competition

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The ONE thing that people can’t replicate is YOU!

Your competitors can (and will) steal and copy your material. Your competition can and will do underhanded and sleazy stuff. Your competitors can and will play fast and lose with the facts. The competition will say and do things to get customers that you would never even dream of saying or doing.

But . . . they aren’t you. Can’t be. You’re you. You’re unique. No one is able to do exactly what you do the way that you do it. Full stop. This IS true. There is no denying that this is a fact.

Are you involved with selling information that someone has done before? Do you sometimes feel like an impostor? That you have no “right” to create products that others have created BEFORE you?

Welcome to the real world. You’re NOT alone. Lots of people feel this way. But, there is a way to do it RIGHT. A way in which people will like and respect you.

Here are my 7 specific suggestions on how to do it right and NOT have to worry about your competition:

1. Always Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I see a lot of people who take my original material and slightly change it and call it their own. People do it a LOT.

Why NOT give credit to the person where YOU found/discovered the concept or material? Think it makes you look LESS savvy? Hardly. People will be impressed that you’ve done the research to SYNTHESIZE a concept.

Those who may have seen the idea/concept discussed previously will be looking for you to give credit as opposed to stealing the idea.

When they see that you’ve done that they will think more highly of you and be more apt to “buy” what you’re selling. They may not actually BUY today, but they will more likely to BUY your approach. And . . . eventually . . what you have to sell.

2. Find a UNIQUE Twist or Slant to Your Approach

If you’re taking an existing idea, try to find your own original slant or approach to it. Simply regurgitating what you’ve seen somewhere else adds absolutely no value to the discussion of the topic.

Assuming you’re truly interested, look for a way to show people a way to deal and approach the concept that you haven’t seen done before.

Doing this will give you a legitimate reason for discussing it. AND, you’ll be looked at favorably by those who have seen the idea before.

3. Do Surveys to Create Some Unique Data to Refer to

Get people on your list to give you some feedback about a given concept that you can report to others. Most people give broad generalities about an idea or concept.

You may be able to back it up with some original research.

Use Survey Monkey to do a small, less than 100 person survey. Even with those small numbers, the results you get will be interesting, if not perhaps conclusive, about a given topic or idea.

4. Develop Your OWN Acronyms and Jargon

Tony Robbins took an existing technology, NLP and came up with his own unique language for various ideas and concepts in that field.

YOU need to do the same.

It may take a while for you to do this, but when you do, it will help. Particularly if the verbiage you invent makes it easier to remember and use a concept.

Granted, this will take a little bit of creativity, but it will be well worth the time.

Do this right and before long OTHERS will be using the terms YOU coined.

5. Explain Things a LITTLE BIT BETTER Than Your Competition

Whenever I see concepts discussed, frequently there are HOLES. The people who have come up with the ideas are so close to the material that they forget that many are seeing an idea or concept for the first time.

Make sure that you create a very specific, easy to understand roadmap for people to follow. Don’t leave out steps. Assume people know NOTHING. Give them a map that you would provide to a 4 year old.

Will some people think it’s TOO simplistic. You bet. BUT, the majority of people will appreciate your attention to detail. AND, for “dumbing it down.”

6. Do NOT Try to Be Someone You’re NOT

Be YOU. Don’t try and be whomever the latest “flavor of the month” is. Trying to act or behave like someone who is “CRUSHING IT” will only look contrived.

People respond to a more genuine approach.

If you’re one of those real “out there” types then feel free to behave that way on your site, in your writing, and in your videos. If you’re not, then don’t all of a sudden start to act differently. People can smell BS.

7. Take Your Time: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Despite everything you’ve heard about making money selling info products, it RARELY happens overnight. The stories you hear of people “making it” in less than 90 days may be true, but they are clearly the EXCEPTION and NOT the RULE!

Spend your time building a group of followers. Feed them on a regular basis through your mailing list or blog.

Build a relationship with them. Give them great content before you try and and sell them anything. Deliver LOTS of value with anything you do put a price tag on. Make people say: “Wow, that guy/gal OVER delivers on the stuff they sell.”

Do these 7 things and you’re on your way!

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