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Want to know a little secret? If you sell info products there is a way to make it so NO ONE can COPY what you do.

Think I’m nuts. I’m really not.

Even if someone were to take your material and use it without any changes, they still couldn’t do it.

The one thing any of your competitors can’t do is to be YOU.

You’re a unique individual with a unique perspective. Your thoughts and ideas are constantly changing and not even your smartest competitor can guess what you’re going to do or say tomorrow.

I don’t think this is rocket science and I’m sure you agree with my logic.

The problem is that most people selling info products seldom give much insight into themselves as people. I think this is a mistake. If you’re doing it, then STOP!

I think that many people are scared to talk about themselves for fear that people won’t like you. They are right. A certain percentage of people who get to know you will think you’re a JERK. I know that’s how many people think about me.

Frankly, I’m actually PROUD of this fact!

But, then there is a good number of people who find you and buy your material who WILL like you. Some of them will like you a LOT.

Example: I just got a request for a refund on one of my better products. My refund rate is so low that I seldom pay much attention to those who ask for their money back. For some reason, I felt compelled to read the email this time.


Apparently the person was offended by my dogs barking in the background. For anyone who knows me, I LOVE dogs. Now that both of mine are gone, it’s been a little rough, but it doesn’t change my love of dogs OR the way I record some of my products.

I do virtually NO editing. The result? My products are a bit ROUGH. They aren’t perfectly polished. I intend them to be that way. That’s who I am and how I’ve chosen to market/position myself.

So, the person who wanted a refund because of how my products were recorded won’t like much about me anyway. We’re NOT a good match. Great that “we” found this out up front, before we go much further into our business relationship.

The email I was sent requesting a refund made NO reference to the quality of the material I had produced. They were concerned about the production quality. Wrong guy here! I’m not about production quality. I’m about the quality of the CONTENT I deliver.

I could “pretty up” my audio products.

In fact, I will be doing them a LOT differently for one project coming up in the future. But, that’s because it makes sense to do so for the concept and the market I’ll be dealing with.

The way to make YOUR information marketing business competition proof is to be WHO YOU ARE. No one can copy that! Don’t let stupid little emails that question how you sound or how you choose to create your products alter your approach if that’s really who you are.

It’s not worth it.

It’s like getting involved in a relationship with someone where you HIDE your real self.

Many people tell me: “But Fred, you sometimes wear shorts and sometimes you put on a suit. Couldn’t you put your audio recordings in a suit?” I guess I could, but it’s NOT ME. If you want that kind of an approach, I’m not the information marketer for you.

Others find my methods rather endearing. I thank them for their support.

I have used a line for years regarding this topic whenever I speak to groups. PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS FORGIVE POOR PRODUCTION QUALITY, THEY WILL NEVER FORGIVE POOR CONTENT.

I’m not saying that I intentionally try and make my audio material sound like CRAP. I’m just saying that MY style is to do little or no editing and leave the dog barking (when they were still alive) IN.

What about YOU?

Are you being 100% yourself when you market and sell your material? If not, why not? Are you worried someone won’t like you? Trust me, no matter what you do or how hard you try, there will STILL be people who don’t like you. In fact, some people will HATE you.

For justifiable reasons? Perhaps. At least in their minds!

But who cares. Be who you are. Do what you think makes sense. Be an individual. Have some backbone. Call em like you see em. Don’t succumb to peer or any other kind of pressure.

Do things that way and you’ll always be competition proof because NO ONE can be YOU!

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