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How to Sell Information Products on the Internet

Information Marketing

When I first got started (back in the “old days”) marketing information products, there was no internet. At least there wasn’t one I was aware of! I did all of my marketing OFF line. Now that’s all changed. It’s a whole lot easier to get your info products business up and running now.

The biggest single issue you have to deal with online is that people are incredibly skeptical. They don’t know who you are and whether or not you’re trying to scam them. To help you in that area, I suggest you do the following:

1. Get great testimonials (preferably) video that you can post on your site. Make sure that you put the person’s name and if possible an email address and even a phone number for them. If you do put one or both make sure to put a little note by it that says: “The email and phone numbers here are REAL. If you do call or write the people, please be very respectful of their time.”

2. Offer some high quality content for free. In my case that is my 5 free ebooks. Make sure that you give away something of real value or people will be skeptical of anything you do in the future.

3. Offer a relatively inexpensive front end product. Given that most people don’t know who you are, introduce them to you and your “talent” by letting them get something reasonably cheap. Make sure that anything that you sell folks makes them feel like they got 10X what it was worth.

4. Give out your phone number (if your price point is high enough to justify it) to let people call and talk with you first, before buying.

Those are just a few things you can do to get people to BELIEVE you online. I suggest you do all of them, and do them right away!

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Information Marketing

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