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Selling information on the internet is the way to go!

People in various kinds of offline businesses always ask me what I do for a living. Here’s how I answer that question: “I create market and sell my knowledge in various forms. I also coach others to do the same.” After finishing I’m usually looking at blank stares.

I think the reason is the only a select group of people UNDERSTAND that you don’t need to have a tangible product to sell something. Although it’s true that I have PHYSICAL products like DVDs, CDs and books that I sell, I also sell a lot of digital products that are simply electrons.

YOU can do the same.

Take the knowledge that you have about a given subject and turn it into cash.

Here’s a recent example. My neighbors, Chris and Kim had their in-laws over for a birthday party a week or so ago. I asked Chris’ dad what he did. He told me that for the last 40+ years he had been a court reporter. As I queried him further I discovered what he LOVED to do. 

He is an AVID Elvis collector.

He owns a LOT of Elvis Presley memorabilia. Some of it VERY valuable. (You know those Elvis fans!) If you don’t they are hardcore bunch.

I was then informed that HE was one of a handful of people who is always asked (often before an auction) to authenticate Elvis signatures. WOW!

So after talking to him for a while I suggested that I give him (he is my neighbor’s father – so no SALE here) one of my programs on Information Product Marketing for him to listen to. I just happened to have one sitting around.

I suggested that he think about how he could turn his “hobby” into even more cash. Currently, he buys and then often resells memorabilia making a nice profit. I asked him how many people he thought would be interested in learning how to do what he does. He told me he gets asked about it all the time. 

He now taking the time to put together an outline on the topic which WE will sell to people online. There you have it.

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