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How to Write Ebooks

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When I first started out selling info products I HATED writing. Not only did I hate it, I don’t think I was very good at it. Like most things, I figured out that I got pretty good after YEARS of practice. 

I don’t think anyone can become a great writer. I DO think that anyone can improve their own writing skills. If you’re reading this blog post right now and you’re an information marketer, this is a skill you have to learn to be truly successful.

Writing ebooks is the same AND different from writing physical books. I have written a bunch of physical books and will continue writing more of them. Ebooks are great because you can get an idea for one tomorrow, and within a week, it can be out and getting sold.

Sound too good to be true? It’s really not.

Writing ebooks is all about getting to the point and delivering great how-to content. That means that your ebook doesn’t need to be of epic length. I’ve seen VERY good ebooks that were between 20-30 pages. As long as they fully addressed the topic and gave someone the right way to do something they WORKED.

It’s all about the outline for me and I think for you as well. A good outline will help you to write ebooks quickly and easily.

First, brainstorm every idea that you have about your topic. Some people will put each idea on a separate index card. Then put all those cards on the living room floor. Take them and separate them in to categories. Then decide if one card should be BELOW another. Do that when you find what is really a SUB TOPIC to a major topic.

Once you’re done with the index cards you have your outline. Then and only then is when you should start writing. 

Writing ebooks will be much simpler if you follow these simple steps!

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