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How Will Search Marketing Change This Year?

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Naturally, you can get plenty of different opinions when you ask the question, “How will search marketing change this year?” I am NOT an expert, but I read the advice of various experts to see what might work for me and my information marketing business in 2013.

Laurie Sullivan is an editor at MediaPost, and she offered these comments recently:

“Mobile and local searches are quickly becoming the dominant tool to discover products and services. That data from location and consumer behavior will become the best signal for consumer intent for both a typed search and verbal query…

What happens when Google begins to process ecommerce and m-commerce orders from its search engine on desktop and mobile? It already allows consumers to search some brand Web sites from the engine.”

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How Will Search Marketing Change This Year?

Wow, that’s a new one, isn’t it? I am trying to wrap my mind around the idea of sales of my info products happening directly from a search engine.  Apparently that is one change we will all need to confront this year.

And here’s one that isn’t new, but it has become super-critical – website loading time. How fast does your website load on various devices? You NEED to know the answer to this question in order to make money online.

Jerod Morris’ post on Copyblogger this week addresses site load speed issues, and I quote him:

“Open up your site in a new browser. How quickly does it load? Does it hang up at all?

If it hangs — longer than a second and a half maximum — just know that if you weren’t you, you wouldn’t have waited for it.”

Apparently the attention span of most visitors to our websites won’t exceed two seconds of wait time. After that (if not before) they click away and they are gone forever. Yikes!

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