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I Am NOT At A Social Media Conference Today

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What’s news about that? Most people who know me are probably laughing… However,  I have enough sense to follow some smart people who ARE at a social media conference, and sharing (via social media) what they are learning. That is close enough for me!

Mark Schaefer’s blog comments are piling up, hot and heavy, and I want to share some of them with you here. The topic of discussion is, “Do you need a massive audience to succeed in social media?”  OK, first of all, I have ZERO interest in succeeding in social media. I want to succeed in life. It’s all about the profitability of my information marketing business, NOT my social media profiles. I mean, who CARES about them?

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I Am NOT At A Social Media Conference Today

But Mark Schaefer is deeply into social media and he is a smart guy. I listen to what he says, and pay attention to his replies to comments, such as this one today:

“You have so many good points here. You have my wheels turning. I am actually at Social Media Marketing World and there is a lot of discussion about the real or perceived diminishing visibility on Facebook. It is really interesting how much behavior that is driving!”

Oh boy, better watch the stock market report now because it may react to that kind of talk! The format on Facebook has changed dramatically in the last few months, so that is undoubtedly responsible for varying results and opinions.

One commenter on Schaefer’s blog today spoke up about a small following producing big results:

“It depends on what a client’s objectives are. Social marketing allows much better audience segmentation. That could be trying to influence millions of people or mere hundreds.” Excellent point.

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One Response to “I Am NOT At A Social Media Conference Today”

  1. Mark W Schaefer on April 20th, 2013 11:45 pm

    Thanks very much for continuing the conversation Fred!

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