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I’m a Fiverr Fan for Information Marketing

Information Marketing

If you’ve attended my live events or my webinars you already know I’m a Fiverr fan for information marketing. is a great place to get graphics, content and the other web services you need to build your info products and run your business. I have used the site a lot since it started in 2010, and encourage you to check it out. Book covers and transcriptions are two other services you might want to investigate.

Now, this post is not an endorsement and I am NOT getting paid to tell you I like the site. Gigs starting at $5 each, of which 20% is paid to the site for the privilege of posting and making sales, don’t leave much room for an affiliate commission.  So be it. I still like the site because it’s entertaining as well as productive for me.

Fiverr for Information Marketing

Fiverr for Information Marketing

Get the lay of the land before you spend time on Fiverr so that you understand the Levels; it’s a new category system that allows sellers with a proven track record to stand out from the crowd. And trust me, there IS a crowd.

Not unlike the people you meet on craigslist, you have to shop around and use caution. And common sense. But, unlike craigslist, there is a rating system (it’s more like eBay) and sellers want to build and maintain an excellent rating.

The rating system and the Levels won’t guarantee that you’ll get a product or service that you like when you shop on Fiverr, but after all, you don’t have much to lose. Only $5.

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