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It’s likely that you don’t spend much time everyday thinking about how to improve your organic search ranking, but it’s worth considering often. Your organic search ranking is where your site and your pages show up on Google and other search engines, without the benefit of paid ads. “Organic” means natural placement on the page, although it’s hard to imagine calling any search engine behavior “natural.” It means you are not paying for placement on the page.

Lisa Parmlee of Business Bolts has a terrific article with the results of a recent study posted on her site. Honestly, she has done a GREAT job of making some sense of current search engine behavior, which seriously helps information marketers know what to do now.

Here are a few conclusions of the 2013 Research Study – Google SEO Ranking Factors:

info marketing seo success

Improve Your Organic Search Ranking

Regarding SEO:

“Judging by the data we collected, you do not need to include odd or unnatural sounding keyphrases in your title tag, headline, subheadings or your body copy. If you’re going to include exact keyphrases, you really only need to include them one time. There’s no need to over-optimize your pages.”

Regarding backlinks:

The average number of referring domains linking back to a high ranking web page in our study was 335… Our data showed that 88% of the high ranking web pages were internal pages. Only 12% were home pages.”

Regarding social media:

“The high ranking web pages analyzed in the study were tweeted 371 times, received 1512 Facebook likes, and had 988 Facebook shares.  These are averages per web page.  That’s a lot of social sharing!”

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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