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Info Marketer Avish Parashar on Content Creation – Part 2

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Here are the last five items on his powerful list – info marketer Avish Parashar on Content Creation. Remember, his whole point is that one sentence can be turned into at least 8 different pieces of content for any information marketing business:

5 – Create an Audio

Using your computer or other recording device, create an audio of you talking about this topic (You can also pull the audio off of the video you recorded in step #4). Post this on your site or on iTunes as a Podcast.

6 – Turn it into a Slideshare Presentation

info marketer avish parashar

Info Marketer Avish Parashar

Take your 3-7 bullet point blog post and turn it into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Keep it simple: title slide, intro slide, one slide for each bullet, and then a conclusion/contact info slide. Post this to Slideshare.

7 – Create an Interview

Take your sentence and create a list of 3-10 questions you think people would have about it. Write those questions out and get a friend, colleague, relative, etc. to ask you those questions. Record the conversation and you have an audio interview. Post that on your blog and/or on iTunes.

8 – Turn it into a Question and Create Social Media Engagement

Rephrase your sentence as a question and post to your various social media accounts. This will a) help you create engagement with your followers and fans and b) generate new ideas for future content.

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