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Info Marketer Bob Bly’s 7 Success Factors

Information Marketing

Bob Bly and I have worked together for many years. Today he shared 7 Success Factors with his list and agreed to let me share them with you, too. I think he hit the nail on the head with these points.

“I think success is largely a matter of 7 factors coming into alignment:

  1. Brains. Most of the successful people I know are smart – at least smart in business if not academically.
  2. Talent. It helps if you can develop a specialized talent that the market is willing to pay for, such as designing computer systems or winning cases in court.
  3. Aptitude. Some people naturally gravitate towards professions or activities that are lucrative; e.g. real estate investing. Others are attracted to activities that don’t pay well; e.g. poetry.
  4. information marketer bob bly

    Bob Bly, Info Marketer

    Hard work. Most of the successful people I know just don’t work smart; they also work hard – even though they may make proclamations to the contrary.

  5. Persistence. Your chances of winning in the games of business and life increase exponentially if you are persistent and do not give up when faced with adversity, as so many do.
  6. Luck. Let’s face it: some of us get lucky while others don’t. For instance, one exploration and production company strikes oil while another’s well in the very same field comes up dry.
  7. Timing. A lot of success is being in the right place at the right time. However, remember this observation from Pasteur: “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

Bob Bly has established himself as a successful  info marketer, author and copywriter. He’s drawing on his own experience and what he’s seen in other people as well.  Good tips to keep in mind for 2013.

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