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If you create, market and sell info products, there are some GREAT tools that you can use to help you catapult your business into the stratosphere.

Video Category

In the area of video, as an information marketer you have to be able to capture video quickly and easily. The best tool I’ve found for this is the Flip Video. The low end model costs around $100. It is so easy to use a 1st grader can do it. AND, the picture quality is not bad! It’s got a USB connector so when you’re done shooting your video, you just attach it to your computer and it downloads the digital video file.

YES, you can get fancy and I DO own a Canon XL-2 that cost me a lot of money, but for the info product marketer who is on the go and doesn’t have time to break out the manual and learn the features of a high-end camera, this is perfect.



Info marketers need to have a system to record audio. Whether it’s in person over the phone or on the web, you need a way to capture audio to package it and resell it.

I use a Marantz PMD 660. I also own the Marantz PMD 670. They are basically the same machine except for some additional features on the 670 that aren’t necessary for most information product marketers. I highly recommend that you use either one of these devices.

I love the fact that both “capture” the audio on flash memory cards. These are easy to use, store a lot of audio and is easily downloaded onto your computer.

Screen Capture Program

As a Mac guy I have always been jealous of my PC friends for having a program called Camtasia. I’m no longer jealous. We Mac folks now have a program that’s as good or better than Camtasia. It’s called ScreenFlow. 

Any info marketer will want to record some things they do on their computer to show to their customers. Whether you use Camtasia or ScreenFlow, they are necessary components for your success.

Online Shopping Cart System

Everyone who markets information should have a system that takes orders, sends out auto-responders, tracks ads and more. I use a program called WebMarketingMagic. It does everything I need as an information marketer and it’s all in one piece of software. I suggest you get a copy if you don’t already.

These are just SOME of the tools you need as an information marketer, but they are all essential.

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