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Info Product Perfection?

Information Marketing

Too many people try to make info products that are perfect.  BAD IDEA!

I would prefer to see you get products out there quickly and worry about making them perfect later. I always use the line in the information marketing business that DONE is better than PERFECT.

I am 1000% convinced of the accuracy of that statement.

The issue/problem that most people have with this philosophy is that you may get your “stuff”out their and be embarrassed. Some worry that people will get your products and be upset by some technical detail that you haven’t done quite right.

I sometimes have my dogs barking in the background. Do people care? NEVER if your content is superior. I have NEVER gotten a product returned for any “production” related issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to  intentionally create inferior products. BUT,  you are NOT an audio or video producer. 

Your goal is the win the contest with your banker. NOT to be considered a genius producer.

In the info products business you have to create all types of products. Audio, video, written material, software and and a variety of other possibilities.

There is NO way you can be an expert in all of these areas. Concentrate on what you can do best and do it.

Although you should have products eventually developed in each of these areas, the ones that come easiest to you should be created first.

That way you’ll be out there as quickly as possible. 

Remember, the only person you have to impress is your banker! You do that by getting the products out there and making money. You can always update and redo them later.

People want CONTENT. Give it to them! Want to learn how to do all this? Come to one of two events. Either the Info Products Seminar or the 7 Day Info Bootcamp!

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Information Marketing

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