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I have seen quite a few teachers, coaches and facilitators offering courses on the subject of writing a book in a weekend. Well, I’m not saying that is impossible, not at all. But I’m saying that you will be miles ahead if you just set aside a time and place for your own info product writing weekend anyplace you choose.

Put aside all your distractions and focus on writing what you know. Write on paper if it works for you, or write on your desktop or laptop computer. Tablets and smart phones are not ideal due to size.  Just do whatever works for you and keeps you working, not surfing or sending emails. That’s the trick. You MUST choose to focus on your writing and not choose distractions.

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Info Product Writing Weekend

When I hear people say they don’t have time to write because “there are so many distractions,” it’s obvious that they don’t see their own choices at all. A shrill, boiling tea kettle sounding off is designed to distract, and if you choose to use one it’s because you’re choosing the distraction on purpose. Leaving the TV on or playing music when you intend to focus on writing is also a choice.

I understand that Stephen King listens to music when he writes, so it works for him. He says it actually helps him focus. If that describes you, then make sure you have plenty of music when you set aside your writing weekend to create your first or your next info product.  Go ahead and hire somebody to keep you on track if necessary, but you can definitely accomplish the same thing on your own when you set aside a whole weekend to write a book, an e-book or another info product script.

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