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Info Products Bootcamp (Update)

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Hey there!

I’m cheating a little bit here. I’m right in the middle of one of my one week bootcamps here in Las Vegas. I’m fortunate that my friend and attendee, Karyn Greenstreet of Passion for Business is taking great notes. I wanted to share them with you.

Here are the notes thus far:

Fred Gleeck’s Info Product Boot Camp

7 Steps
1. Select a niche
2. Create a product
3. Write the copy
4. Create a website
5. Drive traffic to the site
6. Convert traffic, sell products
7. Upsell to more products and more expensive products

Glen Livingston – Market Research for Selecting Your Niche/Content


2. Find out what people want FIRST, then create your product (and how to prioritize chapters, etc.)

3. Benefits of PPC from a market research perspective – study the language, questions and concerns of the people who are actually shopping, vs. a prospective survey that asks “what would you so”

4. Do the research instead of guessing, or assuming you know what people want.

5. Write the PPC ad exactly as you would if you really had the product or service to offer (instead of surveying them when they click)

6. The presence of competition is good; they will do a lot of research for you

7. Keyword selection helps to determine the “need” or “conversation” the buyer is having in their head.  (Guinea Pig vs. Guinea Pigs). Have them land on a different landing page based on the keyword they search for.

8. On average, people do 5 search terms to try to find what they search for

9. Term: “hyper responsivity” (20% of the people really answer your surveys over and over again.)

10. What people say they’ll pay is not a good indicator of what they’ll really pay. You can ask them “how much do you think the product should cost?” but don’t use it to actually price the product, but more to get a sense of whether they’ll pay a high price or a low price.

11. To do:

a. Choose your keywords

i. The longer the keyword phrase, the closer they are to a buying decision

b. Set up a survey

i. 6-7 questions

ii. Set the scene: I’m interviewing experts soon

iii. “What is your single most important question about x?”

iv. “How difficult has it been to find information about this while searching on the internet today?”  (what “not frequently asked questions” have been asked, and answered for free?) What is the information that people just can’t find for free?

v. “Why were you searching for information on x today in particular?”  Is this a periodic search, or have they reached a crisis point? What is the context under which they’re searching.

vi. Gender, age

vii. “Searching for yourself vs. someone else?”

viii. “Part of the country you’re in” (if appropriate, like Lyme disease differs from parts of the country)

ix. See sample survey:

x. Reward: “I’ll gratefully give you a FREE copy of the completed Lyme Disease interviews as soon as their done!”

c. Create PPC ads that send them to the survey

i. Create separate ads by keyword “all about SEO” lands on a page called “all about SEO”; “everything you ever wanted to know about SEO” lands on a page of that page

ii. Ad 1 promises general benefit: “all about SEO” (doesn’t tell them they’ll take a survey).  If they click off the survey, you can tell “market heat”…how much they think they can find it for free by hitting the Back button. (Hitting the back button is a strong estimator of risk: how hard will it be to be successful in the market?

iii. Aim for 4-7 spot, to avoid the click-happy people


Creating Your Product Funnel

1. Know, up front, that you’re going to create a line of products within a series of price points

2. Start with price points list

3. Ask yourself: what do you have (or what can you create) that can fit into each of these price points

4. Do you cover each of the modalities of learning: audio, video, reading, classes, etc.

5. What do you have to offer for free as an enticement?

6. Niche: how small do you have to get it before you can “own it”?


Tools to Produce Products

1. Books, ebook: 

a. You’ll need a word processor, like Microsoft Word, to do the writing. 

b. Create an ebook using PDF creators, such as Adobe Acrobat Professional or PrimoPDF (free).

c. If you’re concerned the people might send a copy of your PDF ebook to a friend, imbed “bounce back” offers in the text to capture the new reader’s email (both your own products, and affiliate sales of someone else’s product)

d. “as a registered user of this ebook, you’re entitled to some valuable bonuses: a, b, c” This may encourage them to purchase the book.

2. Audio:  

a. Audio Recorder: Marantz PMD660 (or PMD670) audio recording device to record onto a Flash card. It has 2 XLR inputs that allow you to connect professional microphones to it, with a “Y” cable that allows you to have 2 microphones connected via the Y cable into the one mono port on the PMD660.

b. Microphone: Shure Beta 58A directional microphone (point the mic towards you; it records from the TOP of the mic, not the SIDE).

c. You can create your own studio by hanging moving blankets on walls to block the sound that bounces off of hard surfaces (like walls, hardwood floors, etc.): (takes you to

d. Also, check out (self-contained sound-proof studio)

e. Two ways to record audio: solo sitting in a room by yourself, or interview with another person (adds energy and dynamic)

f. You can also record live events, like seminars, speeches, or teleclasses. Make sure the audience is well-mic’d. Repeat the question the audience member asked.

g. THAT-2 Telephone Handset Audio Tap (  device allows you to adjust the “talk” person’s voice level and the “listener” (teleclass audience) voice level to be even.

h. Use MP3 format, sample rate between 96kbps – 128kbps.

3. Video

a. Most important thing to know: you need good lighting

b. You don’t need a fancy camera for video to show over the web. A 3-chip camera is sufficient. You can probably find an adequate camera for $500.

c. Make sure the camera has a good XLR microphone input.

d. Invest in a good tripod. Get one with a “fluid head” so that there’s no jerkiness when moving, panning, etc. (recommended: Manfrotto 501)

e. A “Flip” video camera is good for capturing quick video on the fly. ( Great for video blogs, YouTube videos.

f. If you have a Mac, you can use ScreenFlow to record video, and Video Hub to convert the movie to a Flash file.

g. You can also use to convert audio or video files online.

Creating The Product

Questions or Benefits from Jose’s interview:

1. recover every dollar spent in marketing

2. learn how to make – and deliver – on your restaurant’s promises

3. how happy employees and vendors can make or break your marketing efforts

4. how the internet can cripple your marketing efforts

5. why focusing on bringing in more clients isn’t the best strategy for growing your business


Shawn Doyle – Leadership Development in the Cable Industry

My name is Shawn Doyle, and I speak ‘Cable’

Edited an existing book and changed about 10% of it to be specific to the cable industry.

Once you become an expert in a specific industry, the industry itself helps you to figure out how to serve them.

Some of his income comes from licensing training materials and programs.

He re-uses materials: book, audio CD, podcast, articles, keynotes, half-day session, full-day session.

 He has 7 books on leadership, motivation and creativity. He encourages people to self-publish, both for better speed of publishing and for higher profits.

 He also has CDs, which he tweaks the content to make it towards the cable industry. He has a recording studio in his town that he uses.

 Also will create e-learning modules, then again tweak the modules for the cable industry.

 He’s also going to set up the Cable Circle of Success ($29/month) (subscription)

He’s discovered 4 specific groups re: cable industry on LinkedIn.

Shawn believes you must have a ton of products – if you’re competing with someone else and in comparison you have so much more product than the others, you have instant credibility.

Normally charges corporations $5,000 a day, but is willing to give a discount of $2500 a day for corporations that also licenses his materials.

In his licensing package: 12 leadership modules, $500 per student, 3 year license, facilitator guide (checklist, timetable), learner’s guide, PowerPoint, may be willing to debrief for a day (train the trainer). He doesn’t print the student materials…he sends it to them via PDF and the corporation prints it. If they also want to buy some of his books, he’ll give them a 20% discount.

Write the Copy

1. Write 40-50 headlines for your product to help you get the “right” one.


Dave Hamilton – Technology aspects of an online business

Action Items

1. Check out Google Analytic’s adtracker rotation system

2. update mastermind marketing conversion stats spreadsheets  “mastermind ebook marketing testing.xls”

3. How can you create something where people will give you $x per month, over and over again?

4. -tool that Glen Livingston uses to embed a survey onto his page) Must be part of his Lunar Pages hosting package?  TLGOnline is The Livingston Group.

5. – domain name with forwarded affiliate link (buy your own domain, don’t use affiliate link)

6. – bob bly wrote the copy about his experience of working with Fred.

7. Contact attorney, David Frees (Malvern), re: licensing vs franchising law


Web Resources

1. – set up your own domain registry (GoDaddy is the wholesaler). Create your own domain where you will have a “private label version” of GoDaddy’s domain registrar.

2. go to (Glen Livingston’s site)…get free audio

3. Affiliate Elite software monitor PPC ads (on your keywords). Helps you to insolate the handful of competitors in the market who are really making money (because they continue to advertise and spend money) vs everyone else. Then compare what the successful ones are doing vs. the unsuccessful ones.


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