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Info Products for Wealthy Consumers in 2013

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I like to read what Pam Danziger of Unity Marketing has to say about trends in spending among the wealthiest Americans. It helps me develop target markets for my clients and JV partners. One tip for info products geared towards affluent consumers in 2013 involves the travel industry.

Danziger’s recent email reveals the following survey results of 1300 luxury travel customers:

“Luxury travelers economize on getting to their chosen destinations, but indulge freely when it comes to their accommodations once they get there.  For example, they are most likely to fly coach class or travel car but then they most often choose to stay in a luxury hotel (4-to-5 stars).  When it comes to travel, the real luxury value is not in getting there, but in being there. “

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Info Products for Wealthy Consumers in 2013

Now, that’s a fascinating revelation if you are in the business of packaging travel deals to exotic locations, for business or pleasure purposes.  In addition, Danziger reports:

“The most in demand experiences for luxury travelers are relaxation & stress reduction, sightseeing experiences, and fine dining & food/wine experiences.  All of these rose in relative importance over the experiences luxury travelers desired in 2011.”

Even if your information marketing business is not specifically targeted towards the affluent, I think these survey results can be instructive. To me, they represent a trend toward allocating more money on  whatever is important to the traveler, and less on the necessities.

Are you making decisions like that in your own life? Do you cut down on necessities and spend big on luxuries whenever you can? Honestly, I can see some of that pattern in my own spending, too.

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