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I don’t need to remind you that Amazon is one of the most heavily trafficed sites on the internet. As an information marketer, that’s good news for you! While the publishing industry is about to hold their annual event this week, you will learn something even more important right here. Info marketers need to understand the real reason for having a book for sale. And more specifically on Amazon. 

When I do my information marketing training sessions I always remind people that the money is NOT in a book. The money for info product marketers is in everything that comes AFTER the book. So, is the book still important? You betcha!

I just had to reorder one of my books. The title is Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops. I do a fair amount of coaching and consulting in that field. Information marketing revolves around you building a funnel of products using different modalities of learning at different price points. The book is one of your lowest priced info products.

It also is a very valuable prestige booster. Any information marketer must acknowledge that credibility is crucial to their long term success in the info product field. That being the case, the book does that in spades! You are now the AUTHOR of XYZ book. How many other information marketers in your field have a book? Not just an ebook but a physical book?

If you’re the only one then BINGO, you’re it!

Returning to my recent re-order for one of my books. I will be paying about $4.75 a book. Amazon buys them from me for around $6.75. I’m only making $2 a book. As an intelligent information marketer you may be asking if it’s worth my time. ABSOLUTELY.

Not only do I make $2, but the bounceback offers in my various books, gets people onto my list. Some of them will end up buying my other higher priced information products. I always tell people that selling books on Amazon is one of the few ways to generate leads for your other higher priced info products at NEGATIVE cost. That’s right, people pay to be prospects for your other more expensive info products!

The intelligent information marketer writes and prints books and sells them on Amazon.

Another reason is that people use Amazon as a search engine. Any info marketer who has their book on Amazon and has titled it correctly will get tons of people visiting their page on Amazon. Even if they don’t buy this will also help substantially with the Search Engines.

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