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When you decide to put together an info product in ANY field, the first thing you have to do is decide on what system you’ll use. I have my system that I teach to others that I suggest that YOU use when you do it. I start from the point where you have already decided to go ahead with the creation of your information product.

Step 1: Create a very detailed out line of the product you have in mind. There are two primary ways to do this. First, is to do this all on the computer using a standard outline. Many do this and it can work very well. The other option is to put every idea you come up with on an index card. Then when you’ve exhausted every topic you can think of, group the cards together based on topic, then put all of the (now) stacks of index cards into order.

Step 2: Decide on What TYPE of Info Product to create. This means deciding on whether or not you’ll use audio, video, a book or ebook or something else. You decision should be entirely based on what makes the most sense to the person who will “consume” your product. If you are dealing with a concept that needs visual representation, then audio would not be an option.

Step 3: Create TWO Websites. You’ll need to have a sales site AND and authority site to sell your product. Sales sites are no longer favored by Google and are virtually impossible to get ranked. Yes, you’ll need to put a sales letter page together, but don’t rely on it to get traffic. You’ll need to have an “authority” site to gain you credibility and GOOGLE JUICE.

Step 4: Tweak both of your sites. After you get the sites up, use someone like Sabrina Brick to make sure that WHEN people do visit your site that you have the highest closing ratios. Without that, traffic is useless.

Step 5: Consistently write blog posts, (like this one) and put up videos to support both your authority site and your sales site. The key here is to do the blogging and YouTube videos frequently. This is what will get people coming to you.

Step 6: Have a method of upselling people AFTER they buy your initial product. A one time sale is NOT what you’re after. You’re trying to get people to buy from you forever.

Do the above 6 steps and you’ll be well on your way to success as an information marketer.

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