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Info Products – What to Sell?

Information Marketing

The problem with MANY people in the information marketing business is that they frequently do not know what to sell. What is their default? They try and get into the business of selling people HOW TO MAKE MONEY products. Absurd and RIDICULOUS!

First off, if you are just getting started in the info products business you have no business trying to sell other people how to do the same. Why not start with selling something that you know? Take a look at your background, both professionally and personally and look at those possible topics.

Take a look at your own life and list all of the things you have done. Then put together a separate list of all the things you know something about. You’ll be surprised at how long the list will be. After you create that list, you’ll then have to take an intersection of what you know and what can actually make you money.


When you look at your opportunities, make sure and factor in the longevity of the opportunity you are considering. Whenever I do a seminar, I always remind people that there are two types of products that you can produce, TIMELY and TIMELESS.

When I use the word timeless I’m referring to any and everything that will “have legs.” What I mean is which products can you produce where there will still be demand for them 3 or 4 years from now.

I hope this will help you get started. Don’t get started trying to sell products on how to make money. It makes NO sense.

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