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Information Marketers And Mobile Marketing – Or Not

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Some of our moms used to say something like, “Just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to do it, you know…” Am I right? Well, today I’m not the only one sounding like a mom. Greg Hickman of sounds rather mom-like in his post called, “Mobile Isn’t Just About Marketing.”  I’m focused on information marketers and mobile marketing, or not.  Here, see what you think about what Hickman says:

“When we talk about mobile, it’s often about how we can leverage it to market offers that connect with our customers and drive engagement or sales…

The most successful uses of mobile are ones that are so seamless that your customers even forget they are using a mobile device.

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Information Marketers And Mobile Marketing

Because mobile threads through all of our daily experiences, you should look to use mobile to help solve a business problem or eliminate inefficiencies.”

And that means that we don’t just use mobile for the sake of using mobile. We don’t implement campaigns or mobile-optimized sites just to be trendy now. No. Hickman again, “…you need to determine what you’re trying to accomplish and then see if mobile could help you achieve that goal. Mobile may not always be the answer.”

The point of his post is that mobile apps are great for training and educating if they are built and accessed properly. If you have people in remote locations with tablet devices or smart phones who need to learn from you on the fly, then mobile optimization is a tremendous benefit for your purposes and theirs.

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