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If your head is spinning at the thought of changing your existing websites, landing pages and emails so that they can be seen on small mobile devices as well as large computer screens, you are not alone. Everybody is dealing with the same thing. Information marketing across digital platforms is a hot topic now.

Igor Faletsky, CEO of Mobify, shares an interesting perspective in a recent article on Forbes:

“The latest research from Google tells us that “90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV. The three most common ways users move between devices are:

information marketing digital platforms

Information Marketing Across Digital Platforms

To search again on the second device,

To directly navigate to the destination site, and

Via email, that is, to send themselves a link to revisit later.

Faletsky works with data on mobile usage all day, everyday. I figure he’s a credible source we can trust on the subject in order to plan our information marketing businesses. And I think it’s pretty interesting to understand that smart phones and tablets are often used as gateways to laptops, desktops and TV.

This tells me that people are using their smaller devices to stay current and connected. They don’t want to miss anything. But they may very well make the choice to absorb information marketing offers and products on larger screens in order to see them better.

Audio products are probably an exception; I’m just guessing here. The sound quality on smart phones and tablets is excellent. This might be a good time to consider recording your written info products so that they can be heard on smaller digital devices, too.

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