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A major element of success if you are selling Information products is the writing and publishing of a PHYSICAL book.

I recently put together a coaching program with my good friend and JV Partner, Bill O’Hanlon. Bill and I are working together in two different areas. This one is all about showing folks how to get their books published.

Bill has over 30 books published with “traditional publishers” and I have done close to 20 self published books. Our backgrounds allow us to help folks regardless of which publishing path they decide to take.

To get a better idea of what we’re doing take a look at:

I have to be honest. Bill did the bulk of the work to set things up. Read that as 85%! Maybe more! In his most recent email to me, Bill enumerated some of the things “we” did to make this program so successful.

We filled up our first group of 15 people in 48 hours. We then added a second group of the same size which is now filled as well. There are now a number of folks on the waiting list to get in to either group if someone drops out.

Here are some of the things that Bill mentioned in his email:

1. The CRITICAL nature of a VERY targeted list. Bill had been building a list of folks who were SPECIFICALLY interested in getting a book published. The group of 2500 people had either bought writing/publishing products OR they had signed up to get an auto-responder series on the same topic.

As you can see, the list SIZE isn’t huge. The key is to have a TARGETED list. If you can have BOTH a large AND targeted list . . . BINGO! Big numbers will follow.

2. We had a very clear and focused offering. We targeted (and continue to target) those people who want to get a book written and published in the next 12 months. There is NO confusing what we’re trying to help people do.

Bill and I have complimentary skills. He on the traditional side of the publishing ledger and me on the SELF publishing side.

3. Scarcity. Limited slots were available. NOT fake scarcity. We really want to help people (get ‘er done) and we can’t do that with more than 15 people in a group. For now we have two groups. We’ll see if we can handle more. We don’t know yet, but for now, a MAXIMUM of 30 people, 15 per group is all we can handle. TRUE scarcity.

4. We overwhelmed people with value. Not only were they getting regular group coaching sessions, they also were getting access to a plethora of our products worth well over $5,000. Those items in addition to some one on one time with one or the other of us.

5. Video Conversion. We (again, read BILL mostly) put together a great set of videos which walked people through exactly how to get a book published. Some of the folks who watched the videos COULD do it THEMSELVES. Our coaching program made it much EASIER for them to “make things happen.” Video seems to be working better than just text these day.

There you have it. Take a look at the site. See how you can use this model to promote your own products and services.

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