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No matter what kind of products (or services) you sell, writing articles can be a very effective way to market your information products business. Most people who are in the business hate having to write articles and often outsource this service to writers who specialize in this field. Here are some things to remember when writing articles.

1. Write good, thoughtful articles. Many people who market and sell information products either “slap together” articles themselves or have others (who aren’t particularly talented) do it for them. This is a bad idea. Make sure that if you decide to use articles to market your business, do it well. If you write them yourself, do it thoughtfully and make sure that people can take ACTION as a result of your suggestions.

If you decide to use a paid writer to do this for you, READ the articles before submitting them anywhere. If you don’t, you could be very embarrassed. There are also plenty of people who will write articles for pay. If you decide to use someone to write them for you, make sure you vet them carefully.

2. Don’t duplicate content. I do a lot of writing. If you’re like me, there’s a temptation to reuse your writing in a number of different venues. Be careful, Google will slap you if you put the same content in more than one place. If you decide to “spin” your articles be very cautious. Articles that are spun, either by software or an average writer will sound very stilted. You may be able to crank out a lot more content very quickly, but the quality will suffer.

3. Pick your locations carefully. Since good, original content is so hard to create, make sure that you select where it will appear very carefully. There are lot of places that will accept articles that you write. Place your articles with one of the better known articles sites. This will ensure that you don’t WASTE your content. IF you were to get the article into a site that isn’t well known or well respected, it will hurt you.

4. Make the articles DIFFERENT than what people normally see. Challenge the status quo. Don’t do write what people are expecting or used to seeing. Find a way to write articles that have a different slant. When you do this, people who read your articles will look on you much more favorably. Even if everyone doesn’t agree with you, take a stand on the issues. Be willing to put your ideas out there and support them vigorously.

In conclusion, articles are a great thing to do to help market yourself and your services. I would spend some time and produce articles on a regular basis. If you don’t LIKE writing, MAKE yourself do them. They can ONLY help you!

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