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Information Marketing As Advertising – Is It Embarrassing?

Information Marketing

Are you wondering if information marketing as advertising is embarrassing?

I love to talk about advertising, but one thing I’ve noticed over the many years I’ve been coaching people is that most people do not love to talk about advertising.  They especially dislike talking about advertising when the subject is themselves.

It is terribly uncomfortable for them to write anything to promote themselves and their information marketing products. Isn’t that a fascinating reality? I think so.

You can easily see that I don’t share this common hesitation. I am eager to talk and write about what I do, and that includes all the ways I can help you talk and write about what you do, too.  It didn’t always come natural to me, but it is second-nature to me now. It’s a habit.

information marketing promotion

Promoting yourself in order to attract more clients, customers and patients is simply a habit

Exercising is a habit that some people have and some people avoid. Some people like the feeling they get when they exercise, but far more people are simply not motivated. Promoting yourself in order to attract more clients, customers and patients is simply a habit, too.  It’s a habit I cultivated a long time ago, and it has built a successful business for me as a result.

You can do it, too. You can start right now cultivating the habit of self-promotion by getting comfortable with information marketing, including marketing yourself and your own products.  There will never be a better time to get started.

If information marketing is advertising, then you are an advertiser, or you’d better become one ASAP. It’s the way of the world of financial independence, that’s for sure. And financial independence is surely not embarrassing!

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