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Information Marketing Assets

Information Marketing

Seth Godin blogged about assets this week, and what he said is completely relevant to your information marketing assets:

“One of the biggest shifts the connection economy has brought is that assets are no longer reserved for companies and organizations. Now that everyone has the ability to own a slice of the attention paid to media, now that everyone can build and nurture a network, assets are no longer off limits to people who work for a living.”

Your assets, therefore, include everything you know and everything you are willing to do to share what you know. That’s pretty basic, pretty simple. It’s the basis of any information marketing product, regardless of the type. An e-book, an audio book, or a video presented as a digital download or as a physical DVD – these are all merely the packaging, but the information provided comes from your personal assets.

Information Marketer assets

Information Marketing Assets

Fortunately, we can increase our personal assets quickly by learning more on our chosen topics, and that rarely requires a great investment of time or money. Increasing our real assets is what Godin is talking about, and what I’m talking about, too. Who you are and what you do is the greatest asset you will ever have.

A capital management firm defines “real assets” this way:

“What are Real Assets? A real asset is a tangible asset like gold, oil, and real estate. It has intrinsic value due to its utility. Its value is derived by virtue of what it represents.”

I say that third definition relates 100% to your information marketing business as your greatest asset of all.

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