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I do an info marketing bootcamp for people every quarter. I’m right in the middle of one now. One of the things that always fascinates me is the type of people this event attracts. At this event there is an asset protection attorney, Michael Potter; a voice over artist, Bill DeWees: a relationship expert Andrew Hymers and an educator, Joanna Faulk.

The “Gambling Ninja” is also attending this session as an auditor. What I’m hearing from him is that there is new information that he didn’t get 6 months ago. Hey, it’s the internet and things are always changing!

What most amazes me is the CALIBRE of individuals this event attracts. To a person, everyone of the folks here is at an amazingly high calibre. This makes it a lot more fun for me. I very much enjoy being around sharp people who can challenge my intellect and ask GREAT questions, as they’ve done.

At these events I usually get some of my colleagues to share their wisdom with my group. They all have expertise in different areas and I ask them to give a little bit of knowledge and then answer questions from the group.

People who attend the info bootcamp often make the comment that this is one of the elements they most appreciate. I wonder if this is a reflection on MY TEACHING!! I sure hope not! lol

Today we had three people call in just in the morning. This is unusual. But it worked because of the topics involved. First thing in the morning, my good buddy Bob Bly called in. He gave the group some super solid information (as he ALWAYS does) about copywriting and internet marketing.

Next, my friend David Oliver called in. He’s the owner of BiPolarCentral. David is doing some great things to help people on the site and is generating a substantial amount of revenue. If you know anyone with Bi Polar, send them his direction.

The last call of the morning was from Ron Pramshufer. He’s the owner of The group was anxious to ask him questions about printing and publishing books without a publishing company. Everyone in the group was enlightened with what he had to say.

I have been recording all of the calls that have come in this time. Earlier in the event, we also had Dave Hamilton and Bill O’Hanlon call in. Dave is the tech guy and talked about WebMarketingMagic and some of the website issues. Bill talked to us about traditional publishing. He and I have a JV going called

Last Friday, my good buddy Shawn Eiferman came by to talk to the group about video email. Two of the folks in the group got board. Good stuff!

Sunday, I had someone I recently met speak to the group about membership sites. His name is Tim Bourquin. What a SUPER good guy. He also dazzled the group with his presentation. Everyone was blown away.

All of the sessions, except Shawn’s were recorded. Some of the recordings were done in video form, but most are audios. I’ll be putting them all up here on the site within the next few days.

I look forward to hearing your comments about any or all of them!

Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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