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Information Marketing Ethics

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Information marketers are NOT a group known around the globe for their ethics. Those who market and sell info products are notorious for pulling all kinds of shenanigans. I’ve been in this business for a LONG time, and I’ve seen a bunch of them. Unbelieveable.

There are two sides of the issue of information marketing ethics. First, is whether or not it is morally right to do certain things. Second, is whether acting in an ethical fashion can help you make more money with your customers.

Let’s look at both of these issues.

I recently got a solicitation from a VERY well known information marketer. It was a brochure trying to sell me on buying a fairly high priced offering from a popular marketing guru. On the front cover of the 4 color brochure was a simulated Post-It note. It touted the fact that there were less than 50 units of this particular package.

Knowing some of the tactics of this particular info product seller, I suspected that there might be some funny business going on. I then asked a colleague to email the same group to find out if we could purchase 50 units of this particular product.

IF they were ethical marketers, it would be impossible to give me a quote. The ethical marketer would have said: “I can’t sell you 50 units because we have less than that number available.”

This was NOT the response I received.

Instead, I was told that I could purchase 50 units at a discount. I was surprised and perplexed to find out that I could order all 50 units in one fell swoop. How could I put in a BULK order for 50 units when there were less than this number available.

This is an attempt to get people to buy using the SCARCITY concept. A valid marketing methodology. Valid when used ethically in my humble opinion. You can’t say you have less than 50 units available and then turn around and entertain a bulk order for 50 units. This is LYING. Not a good way to go.

The next issue is whether or not info product sellers should follow the lead of this well known marketer in their marketing practices. It doesn’t help in keeping and retaining customers.

I would suggest that you operate 100% on the “up and up”. Don’t claim you have X number of units to sell and then sell people MORE than that number. Don’t lie to your customers because long term it does NOT work. If and when people find out (and they will), your future in the info products business is limited.

So, it’s not only a bad idea morally to do the wrong thing, it will also hurt your business in the long run.

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