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Information Marketing For Its Own Sake

Information Marketing

I am not exactly sure what else to call this post, so information marketing for its own sake will have to do. I am referring to the sites and systems that support building innumerable websites to sell individual items or programs for an affiliate commission, where an earned commission is the ONLY goal.

Let me plainly say that I am an affiliate marketer. I align myself with excellence and I profit from doing so every day. My joint venture partners profit from aligning themselves with me, too. Our affiliations are mutually beneficial because we add value to each other’s businesses. We meet weekly on webinars, and I make those webinars available to the public at no charge in real time and also on YouTube videos.

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Ethical Info Marketing Affiliate Site

Some affiliate marketers, however, build sites to promote a specific child’s toy for sale on Amazon, for example. If a buyer clicks the Amazon link on their websites or landing pages and buys the toy, that particular affiliate marketer gets a small commission on the sale.  He or she is using information to earn a commission. But that’s it. There’s no motivation except the money.

Other internet marketers do the same thing with information products about making money online, losing weight, profiting from gambling and homeschooling children. There are infinite numbers of e-books and courses for sale by affiliates.

I am not ranting about making money online. I make money online and I help other people make money online everyday. But I have an actual business with tangible and intellectual assets, not just a collection of websites and links with no substance. I offer customer support and personal contact.

Building an information marketing business takes time. Make sure you’re building something real with your time.

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