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Information Marketing Guru Overload

Information Marketing

I had an email exchange with a client recently. I suspect it’s a pretty typical one with folks who sell info products. He had been following my suggestions and advice judiciously for a while. All of a sudden, this individual let me know that was now also receiving coaching from another industry “guru.” He was “frustrated” that he had not yet started to generate any substantial cash.

This happens a lot. Not just with me. People find one expert, buy his or her stuff, work for a little while, don’t make a million dollars overnight and then move onto the next expert, buy their material and the pattern repeats itself.

A couple of years ago, I had a guy call me who had spent $18,000 that year on various programs on “how to make money selling information products.”

The majority of the people who buy products are hoping that ONE of them will finally give them the magic bullet. The SECRET. In fact, none of them deliver the secret they want to hear.

The result? They run around from person to person, buying materials and then hoping and praying that they can put the program under their pillow and wake up with THE ANSWER to their problem. It never happens.

Here is my suggestion. If you want to learn how to do information marketing, look around, Google the keywords. Look up the various websites you find and then talk to the people who run them. Ask them questions and see if they resonate with you.

Make sure and check their credentials and ask for OTHER clients they can talk to. When you’re done doing your due diligence, make a selection and stick with their system. Don’t expect to see results in a matter of days. It’s just NOT realistic. It won’t happen!

It takes 4 years to get a college degree. And YOU expect to see results in a matter of days? It’s just not reality. Don’t expect it.

Have you had experiences like the one I describe above? If so, please tell me and everyone who reads this blog about it.

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