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Information Marketing Ideas From Frank Zappa

Information Marketing

Can you imagine getting your information marketing ideas from Frank Zappa? Well, here are a few from Jeff Slater’s recent blog post on how Frank Zappa inspired his wine marketing career:

“Be Real

Let whatever is inside of you out and be proud of the way that you can uniquely create something of beauty, of value and that delights a small tribe…

Be Inventive

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Information Marketing Ideas From Frank Zappa

Let go of judgment. The question isn’t whether it is good or will anyone like it or will it be a success. The question is  are you being truthful to your own world view. Enjoy the sheer pleasure of the creation process and realize that your time on earth is so short that fear is just a bug on a windshield as you fly down life’s highway. I’ll bet Steve Jobs had Zappa as a soundtrack in his life.

Be Bold

Experiment, blend, synthesize, try and fail and try and fail and fail and fail and fail until you cry. But don’t just fall into lock step with everyone else. Be proud of saying that you tried something novel.”

These are solid suggestions for creating information products, too: be real, be inventive and be bold. That’s a pretty good mantra for any info marketer, really. But those qualities are not self-sustaining. They require tenacity and perseverance, and the unflinching ability to maintain the course in the midst of criticism and tremendous change.

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