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Information Marketing Mistakes

Information Marketing

If you sell information products of any kind, you need to avoid some key mistakes that lots of people are making. I like to divide the mistakes into two categories: PRODUCT and PROCESS.

Product Area:

1. In the area of product, I implore you not to do what many info product marketers do. They put out products where there is really no substance, just a sales pitch. I’m sure you’ve seen them. Someone who markets info products sends you a pitch for what seems to be a great info product. You buy it. What do you get? A PITCH for their NEXT product. Ridiculous. Talk about a prescription for how to lose credibility with your list!

I suggest you actually deliver real value every time you produce a product. I know that this is a novel concept, but it makes a lot of sense. Give people what you told them you would and they will come back for more.

2. Info products that you produce should not just tell people WHAT to do, but HOW to do it. By telling people how to do something, your information products will already be in the top 3% of all the people producing products in your area. Why? Because people don’t generally do that. Make sure you don’t fall into the same trap.


1. In the area of process when it comes to marketing and selling information, there are also numerous mistakes being made. The first one is not having a line of information products at various price points that cover the different modalities of learning.

You should try and create products that go from under $10 to $1000 or even $5000 depending on what you sell. Make sure you also produce written, audio, video and experiential events for your customers. Different info product customers will gravitate to different modes of learning. Have all of your bases covered.

There you have it. Some of the biggest mistakes made in the information marketing field. If you want to learn HOW to market and produce info products, I recommend that you attend the Fred Info Bootcamp!

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Information Marketing

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