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Information Marketing Models and Gurus: Who Should You Emulate?

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There are a lot of people who operate in the information marketing “space.” I recently watched a series of videos put together by one of those so-called “gurus.”

Like many of these folks, he talks about how you can make MILLIONS of dollars. Let’s assume for a second that he’s right. Some people CAN make a bundle of money using his or someone else’s system.

This particular individual AND the people that he makes mention of in his videos are people who I would NOT want to emulate. Not in terms of their PERSONAL or PROFESSIONAL behavior.

If you follow the advice of someone in your field, without knowing it, you may ALSO adopt their thinking, lifestyle and general demeanor.

There is one “guru” out there in the field of info product marketing who has a large following. He is financially very successful. In my humble opinion, he is also a SCUMBAG. I don’t use that word lightly. I have personally witnessed some interesting shenanigans that have come from both HIM and his MINIONS.

Whenever I see one of his proteges I can always tell who their mentor was. They seem to all have the same cadence in their voice. The same CONTEMPT for their customers. The same lack of civility that seems to be a hallmark of how this group operates. They are almost cult-like in the similarity of their behavior and attitude.

Although what the “main” guru teaches may be valid, the question remains: Do YOU want to end up like him? Do you want to behave like he or she does? Do you want to treat your customers in that manner? Is that the kind of person you really want to BE like?

For me the answer is a resounding NO. First off, very few people ever make as much money as promised. The examples they often give are people who are NOT typical. Yet, they are often portrayed as TYPICAL examples of people who follow their philosophy and use their tools.

When selecting a mentor, teacher or trainer, remember this. Often times, without knowing it, you will not only adopt their business philosophy, but their business ethics and principles as well.

So, although following a certain “guru” MAY make you some substantial cash, are you willing to “sell your soul” to make this happen? Not me. What about you?

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