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Information Marketing – Perennial As Weight Loss Products

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If you’re interested in the history of advertising and marketing you’ve undoubtedly noticed that information marketing is as perennial as weight loss products.

How there can be so many weight loss products and so many overweight people on this planet constantly amazes me. Now there’s a new one in the works, a digital fork that keeps track of how long and how fast you eat. Oh, and it gives you a little jolt if you’re overdoing it. I am not kidding.

information marketing analogy

Information marketing is as perennial as weight loss products.

Personally, I am fond of using free products as promotional items to attract traffic. It works for me.  Gardening almanacs have been used by seed nurseries, herbal remedy suppliers and even insurance companies as free info products since the 18th century.  Originally they were free, but now they are paid products, available at newsstands and online.

Gardening almanacs are a great example of perennial information products, but the vast number of weight loss info products that bombard us every year about this time has surely surpassed them. Do you think that there are more and more e-books and audio presentations and membership sites for people who want to lose weight because new information is coming out all the time?

No, that is not the reason. Weight loss information marketing is perennial because people are always looking for hope. They will pay for hope. Weight loss authors and website owners WANT their customers to lose weight, but they cannot guarantee it. All they know for sure is that they have useful information to share, and that their sharing is working for them by  building a successful business.

And so is mine.

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