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Information Marketing Products: A HOW-TO Guide

Information Marketing

As I write this post, I’m in the middle of putting together what I’m calling a MEGA product. This is my big, all inclusive product which includes everything you need to know to market and sell your own info products. Eventually, this will have well over 50 hours of information. Here are some of the things I’m doing that you should as well when you put together YOUR information products.

1. First you need to brainstorm EVERY possible topic in your market niche. Write them all down as fast and as furious as you possibly can. Don’t screen or edit yourself as you do it.

2. Next you need to get feedback from others in your niche. Have them take a look at what you have and add any topics that you may have left out.

3. Then take all of the possible topics and group them together into logical sections or chapters. Each one of your “smaller” topics will go under a bigger, larger, topic heading.

4. Your next challenge is to figure out what FORM each of your elements must take. You need to decide whether the topic needs audio, video or written text to help you TEACH the topic you’re working on.

5. Next you’ll want to find someone to serve as your “Mr. Stupid.” This is a person who will serve as your foil as you create your information product. They need to ask the questions your market members would ask.

6. After putting the product together and finalizing all of the topics, you need to decide how you’re going to sell it. Are you going to sell in physical form or online in a digital form. Will you set up a membership site? Figure out HOW you’re going to do those things.

7. Next thing to do is to create the copy and website to sell the product that you create. If you’re not an expert at writing copy, don’t worry, get someone to TWEAK your copy. You should also consider putting together a video that will play on your site when people show up.

8. After you’ve written your copy, make sure that you start recruiting folks to HELP you sell your new product. If you don’t have affiliate software, get some. I suggest a program like WebMarketingMagic.

9. Start using any and all methods you possibly can to drive traffic to your site OTHER than via affiliates. Without traffic to a site you won’t be able to sell ANYTHING! You need to understand the four quadrants of traffic. Online, offline, paid and unpaid. Figure out what you can do to maximize results in EACH category.

Do the above elements and your chances of success will me MUCH greater.

Information Marketing

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