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I just got off the phone with an institution that puts on a variety of seminars and events. My purpose for calling was to find out if I could get the audio recordings of a seminar this weekend that I’m not able to attend.

A very nice guy (named Dave) answered the phone and I explained to him what I wanted. I then asked WHEN the audio would be available for purchase. He told me it generally takes 3-4 months for them to produce the finished audio.

This response is NOT unusual. BUT, that does not make it any less FOOLISH.

When people want something, anything, they want it NOW.

The reason Dave gave for the process taking that long was two fold. First, they had a backlog of programs that were being produced and that one would be at the back of the line. Second, they did not do the work in house. They sent it out to a production house.

If these folks were my clients, I would suggest a very different approach. MOST people who buy any how-to information products are much more concerned about content than production value. As long as the sound is decent, people don’t care a whole lot about fancy intro and outro music.

I suggested to Dave that they sell an unedited version of the weekend seminar audios at a discounted price. Cut the retail price of the finished product by 20% and just give me the unedited mp3 files in “raw” form.

While speaking with Dave, he seemed to think this was a great idea. Which it is. The “problem” he said was convincing his superiors to go along with my suggestion. Good luck Dave! Ain’t gonna happen.

In an effort to FANCIFY the material, they will take an additional 3-4 months and pay a lot of money to a post production studio. They will then pay MORE money to package it in a fancy case and have it shrink wrapped.

When completed, the finished product will look and song GREAT. I have no doubt that will be true.

Another thing that I have no doubt about is that by that time, I will be thinking about and buying OTHER info products. Not the ones that they are now preventing me from buying RIGHT NOW.

In one word: RIDICULOUS!

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