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Information Marketing Secrets

Information Marketing

I will frequently get asked if there are any reall secrets in the information marketing business. The answer is yes AND no.

There are certainly some ideas that few people who market and sell information products are using. If that’s the criteria for deciding if something is a secret, then I guess there are some information marketing secrets.

In reality, it’s all about having a system in place to market and sell your information products.

So when people ask me about information marketing secrets I first ask them if they have their SYSTEMS in place. Without systems, any secrets are useless.

Assuming your information marketing business HAS the systems in place then I suppose you can talk about a number of secrets that exist.

The BIGGEST secret of information marketing is that you make money from your list. Build a list of buyers and potential buyers and you’ll be set for life. The majority of online marketers are pretty haphazard with list building.

They get names but they rarely cultivate them properly.

How many times have you gotten on a list only to be BOMBARDED with offers every other day. This is not the way to build a list and a relationship with a list. So, the biggest secret is to build a list by FEEDING them with valuable content on a regular basis.

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