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I’m in the middle of one of my regular events. This one happens to be for people who want to speak more professionally. It’s funny though how many of these people are also interested in attending one of my other events. The Fred Info Bootcamp.


Because everyone has something of value that they can sell in the area of information marketing. No matter what field you’re in or what you know, YOU have something that you can sell and make money in, in the area of info products.

I’ve seen people with some pretty ODD areas of expertise. Some of the more unusual ones were actually easier to help than those who had more mundane areas of knowledge.

All it takes is a desire to find a way to work this business. Do you have to be a marketing genius already? Do you have to know more than anyone else in your field? Absolutely NO to both of those questions.

What you do have to have is the understanding that this is not a get rich quick scheme or system. There are many people out there who teach information marketing. Many of them are CLAIMING you can get rich overnight. Don’t believe them. It’s just NOT true!!

I like going to events as well. When I go, I’m looking to get a lot of useable content and information in a very short period of time. This is how I judge whether or not my time has been well spent as an attendee of an event.

I do the same thing at my own events.

I try and act like I was attending and make sure that I deliver exactly what I would want to get from the event. I suggest you do the same for YOUR events. Make sure you give people a blueprint for taking action when they leave. Make sure nothing is left to chance.

They may NOT take action, but at that pint, it’s not “your fault.” You have given them the system and they have decided not to take advantage of the material. That happens.

I started doing my Fred Info Bootcamps precisely because I did not see people taking action from the majority of my events. All they did was take the information in and then not use it. I was frustrated. If you’re looking to get going in the field of information marketing, please be warned.

Many events provide NOTHING of useable value. They are simply trying to sell you the NEXT product or service. A simple “smoke and mirrors” approach to marketing their information.


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