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Information Marketing

I’ve been selling info products for over 25 years at this point. That’s a good bit of time. There are now a LOT of people trying to get you to attend their information marketing seminars. Most of them are over hyped garbage. 

There are some well known “gurus” who teach these seminars and often times give very little real, useable content, but instead try and sell people on their NEXT event. Great. Just what we need in this industry, more FLIM-FLAM! Not surprising, but VERY true.

I can now count on one hand the people I know and fully trust who do information marketing seminars. Well, let me take that back. I have a FEW people I trust in the information marketing field. There is NO ONE out there doing information marketing seminars (other than myself) that I feel comfortable recommending.

I know this sounds terribly self-serving, but I would LOVE to recommend information marketing seminars by others, BUT I CAN’T!

Most of the people who do them are unsavory characters who rarely deliver what they promise. As an info products expert, this really pisses me off. I don’t mind other people succeeding, but not at the expense of the TRUTH.

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Information Marketing

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