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Information Marketing Special Reports

Information Marketing

Many people have done very well as info product marketers selling special reports. Information marketing special reports consist of very targeted, very specific reports that range from 7-10 pages in length. Most info product marketers use these as a “front -end” product. These information marketing special reports are produced specifically to draw people into their funnel. Most people who write, produce and market special reports use them to show they have expertise in a given, very specific topic area. 

The strategy is on target. If you like to write, then information marketing special reports are the ideal low priced product for you to produce in your niche. Reports like these are almost exclusively delivered digitally using a PDF format.

Here are some suggestions if YOU plan to use Information Marketing Special Reports:

1. Make them VERY specific.

2. Make them VERY “how-to” oriented. Tell people not just what to do but HOW to do it.

3. Give people specific places where they can find additional resources.

4. Allow people to contact you for more information.

5. Keep them less than 10 pages.

6. Keep it fun!

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Information Marketing

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