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Information Marketing Techniques

Information Marketing

There are many very important information marketing techniques you need to use if you want to be a successful info product marketer.

One of the most important information marketing techniques is understanding the importance of a squeeze page. This is a page where you attempt to get people to give you their email address.

People are becoming more and more wary of giving up their personal info. Who can blame them. They get unethical information marketers who barage them with all kinds of crap after they sign up.

This information marketing technique is critical to your success.

Testing is the only way you’ll know which type of squeeze page will work for your market.

There are two basic types of squeeze pages. Those with long copy and those with short copy. Which one should  you use? The one that works. Easy to say but it’s 100% accurate.

Try them both out on your visitors and see which one closes the greatest percentage of people to opt in to you list. After a sufficient number of people who visit, it will be easy to see which works best. Use that one for your list.

Remember, it will vary depending on your market. There is no ONE right way for all markets.

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