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Information Marketing

Any and everyone who markets and sells information products needs to have the right tools. Without the tools you make your life much more difficult. As someone who uses a MAC, I find them to be ideally suited to the NON TECHIES of the world. If you’re a technical sort, you can stop reading right now.

I’d like to give you a list of tools that I use to do information marketing. These are not the only tools out there, but in my opinion, for the person who wants to concentrate on the products and not on the technology, these are the best!

1. Audio Product Creation – For creating audio products, I use a Marantz PMD 660. This is a very small and simple machine. It records audio in a variety of formats. Since voice doesn’t need large fancy files like music, MP3 is sufficient. There are a number of different quality levels, so test them all to make sure you’re happy. Along with this device I have a couple of basic microphones. They are connected with simple XLR cables.

Once I’ve recorded the products, I import them into ITunes. This allows me to use my Mac to get the basic work done. If I wanted to I could “massage” the audio in GarageBand. Another one of the ILife series for the Apple.

2. Video Product Creation – Creating high quality video is also easy when you are using the Mac. I hate to sound like a commercial for Apple, but for non technical types like me, they have the EXACT programs every information marketing person should have and use. In this instance, it’s a program called IMovie.

After I shoot the video for a product, I import it into my computer. I then do any editing with the Mac. Since I do very little editing, it’s pretty simple. I suggest that you go visit one of the Apple stores and get a demonstration of this and the other Mac programs I mention here.

3. Books and Ebooks – I use Microsoft Word to write most of my books. That’s starting to change now. Google docs have a suite of programs that are “cloud” based that imitate the Microsoft Office suite. They do a pretty good job, but aren’t useable unless you have an internet connection. I still want to work when I don’t, so for now, I am still using MS Word.

Once you finish writing you can easily turn the book into an ebook. It’s a function that is available to you when you go to print. If you want to make your ebooks look fancier than simply turning a word processing file into a PDF, you’ll have to find someone who can do that. There are PLENTY of folks out there. I suggest you try either Elance or

Those are the three biggies for information marketers. I hope that will help you figure out what you need to market and sell your own info products.

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