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One of the biggest problems in the business of marketing and selling info products is to figure out who is deserving of your trust. The answer is a very short one: VERY FEW! There are a lot of people who are trying to sell to anyone who has an interest in selling information. Why? Because people of that ilk are anxious to buy virtually anything that will help make them more successful.

The net result? People are taken advantage of. In most cases, the offerings made by these individuals are made to enhance and enlarge THEIR bank accounts. Not yours. When you see an offer to buy something that will help you as an info marketer, contact the individual who is selling the item. Ask them HOW MANY people have actually benefited from what they are selling. Ask them for specifics. Ask them for numbers.

Don’t be surprised if they get pretty annoyed at your for asking. They are betting that the vast majority of people will not ask. Will not take them to task for proof. This is how these folks work. I would caution you to NOT buy from anyone who cannot provide you with REAL examples of success. I’m much more concerned that you find people who can show even moderate results.

In most cases, the folks who taut big numbers from their buyers may have ONE person who has hit the jackpot. In many instances not even related to the product that they bought. They just got lucky or happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Don’t be one of the victims of this kind of nonsense. Make sure that you look for legitimate products that will help you as an information marketer. The best way to do that is to stick with people you KNOW and TRUST. It will be difficult to build up this list if you are first starting. BUT, ask around, if you start to hear the same name over and over in the context of playing games, avoid them.

My reputation has been built on NOT over promising. NOT telling people that they can get rich overnight. This means I make less sales. BUT, those whom I sell to are MUCH more likely to achieve the results I promise. It is a jungle out there. Be careful who you do business with. Check them out and vet them throughly.

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