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Information Marketing VS. Personal Development

Information Marketing

I’m irritated! AGAIN! Surprise, surprise!

There are a number of people in the information marketing field whose niche is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Some of these people I KNOW and have met. Many of them I find objectionable on a host of different grounds. ONE person I met was a complete FRAUD and HYPOCRITE and proved it to me personally.

AGAIN, I only WISH I could expose these S.O.B.’s for the sleazebags they are. If only we didn’t live in country where suing is as popular as bowling! But, once again, I have to keep my MUZZLE on for fear of having to defend myself in court.

A lot of my readers may hate me for what I’m about to say. I think the VAST majority of personal development material is CRAP. Straight up. It’s a worthless placebo that millions of Americans consume and CLAIM that they feel a difference.

BUT, when put to a scientific test, very few of these personal development strategies and suggestions hold up. Look at our “friend” from THE SECRET. Mr. James Arthur Ray. Wow! What can I say? Not only does it not seem to work, but people DIE when they attend your events. Was it your fault? Only a jury will decide that for sure. I wasn’t there and I hate to pass judgement. BUT, I’ll tell you this, it SMELLS REALLY BAD!

Granted, some of the personal development programs aren’t going to kill you physically. No, most of them will just take your money and leave you FLAT BROKE! But that’s OK, right? They really work, you just weren’t trying hard enough.


If I wanted to, I could give a very persuasive MOTIVATIONAL talk. One that would get you pumped up. BUT, without the tools necessary for you to make real change, it would be like Chinese Food. You would be hungry again and needing me to speak to you to get you RE-pumped up!

I think my messages are motivational. Why? Because they contain blueprints for you to get out of what you’re doing and make money doing something you love. If that’s personal development, then I guess I’m one of THEM!

I am talking about the personal development people who claim that by listening to audio programs and attending RA-RA events that you can somehow change who you are. The only way to change who you are and your circumstances in life is to DO something. Take real action.

The RA-RA folks get you all hyped up but never give you the tools to make any real change. Thus, you need to eat from their Chinese buffet again. But, in reality, isn’t this what they want? Absolutely. Keep paying them and they’ll keep putting out a PILE OF CRAP for you to consume. Again, until you’re dead broke.

You’ll be filled with a lot of “MOTIVATION” but with no where to put it. I personally can tell you where to PUT IT! And it won’t be in a place that will see ANY sunshine.

Am I angry? Damn right I’m angry. I’m annoyed at these PREDATORS. The ones who get you all excited and motivated and NEVER actually move you from where you are right now.

My solution?  Take action. DO something. Change your own circumstances by DOING, not listening or thinking about things. Don’t place another DIME in the coffer of the personal development folks until you can be 100% certain that something will actually happen.

That’s it, I’m done now.

Again, this is just MY opinion! (Legal types, take note! Thank God for the 1st amendment!)

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4 Responses to “Information Marketing VS. Personal Development”

  1. Scott the jeet kune do enthusiast on August 31st, 2010 2:59 am

    Amen bro. Amen.

  2. debra burrell on August 31st, 2010 2:58 pm

    you do a great job and always deliver what you say and more.

  3. Fred Gleeck on August 31st, 2010 3:32 pm

    Please, spread the word. There are a few of us out there and we should all get together and identify the ones who deliver TRUE content. Best to you Debra!

  4. Fred Gleeck on August 31st, 2010 3:33 pm

    Amen and pass the link!!

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