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Information Marketing Website Tips

Information Marketing

Chris Bolton posted a useful list on The HostBaby Blog, and it includes information marketing website tips. I like this list because it covers some basics that we all need to focus on when we create and update our information marketing websites:

“1. Express your brand’s identity

2. Invite interaction on your site

3. Keep your site consistent

Laws of Landing Pages For Info Product Conversions

Information Marketing Website Tips

4. Use more than words

5. Don’t forget about screen size

6. Offer value

7. Don’t send your website visitors in the wrong direction

8. Give them some options

9. Monitor your visitors

10. Update your site often”

Bolton nails it in this list, but his points are easier said than done, basically. The time it takes to accomplish all 10 points is daunting to some extent, unless you work at it consistently. You have to think about it, and you have to care. That thinking and caring will show up clearly to the world in your web presence.

I think that Bolton’s point #7 is very important. Keeping the attention on you and what you do, making sure that your information marketing topic is foremost in the minds of your visitors and that they are motivated to listen to you and hear what you have to say should be a priority. I mean, this goal needs to be #1 in your mind when you create your information marketing sites so that they will work for you just as you desire.

Seeing Bolton’s 10 points above as an aggravating obligation is NOT the idea. You need to see them as the ticket to your success. Literally.

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