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In addition to my info products business, I have a lot of other interests. A few of them are: reading, watching movies and eating Indian food. In keeping with my philosophy to try and turn everything you have fun doing into a profit center, I’ve decided to start blogging in those areas as well. I suggest that you consider doing the same. Information marketing should be fun. Why not try and find a way to take the things you already do and love and turn them into cash?

I really like to read. Everytime I read a book I’m going to do a “book report.” Then I’ll post it on the blog associated with that site. It will probably be at

While I’m waiting for my softwared to be completed for my TalkinHollywood site, I’ve going to start blogging there as well. Strictly about things film and film related.

As far as Indian Food goes, I’m a freak. I love the stuff! Earlier today I was at Barnes and Noble. I bumped into an Indian family and asked them to check out my site (which is not yet up and running) on Indian food. My goal is to have a thriving blog/site in the space: It will focus on giving people suggestions on where to find the best Indian cuisine where ever they are.

Why not ask yourself what YOU can start blogging about? Wouldn’t it be a whole lot more fun if your passions and hobbies could generate you money. Many Info Product Marketers spend their time obsessing about how to make money. I spend MY time obsessing about how to have FUN. I naturally hope to make money, but FUN precedes the generation of dollars.

Maybe you can end up doing the same.

I’d love to have you at one of my events! Check out the FredInfoBootcamp! 

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