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Advanced Information Marketing Techniques

Information Marketing

Everyone in the information marketing business is looking for a MAGIC bullet. That ONE thing that they can do to transform their business. To drive more traffic to their site. To convert more visitors into buyers. Anyone who sells info products is looking for the SECRET SAUCE that when added will transform their site and their business, virtually overnight.

First, let’s go back to the basics.

There are seven steps in the information marketing PROCESS. First, you have to figure out who you’ll be selling to. Selecting your niche. Second, you need to write your copy to sell the product. Third, you need to create the actual product. Fourth, you’ll have to design a site to sell your product. Fifth, you need to drive traffic to your site. Sixth, you need to convert your traffic into buyers. Lastly, seventh, you’ll need to get existing customers to buy more and buy more often.

If these are the basics, then what would constitute ADVANCED techniques?

Advanced techniques are those which improve, however slightly, each element of these 7 steps. Selecting a niche can’t be improved. Either you select the correct niche or you don’t. There is NO in between.

The second step is to write the copy to sell your product. This CAN be improved. Dramatically. If you’re not a great copywriter, you have two choices, you can either learn to do it better yourself, OR, if you have the money, hirer someone who can improve your copy.

When you get going with the third step, creating the product itself, what would constitute an advanced marketing technique? It would be two things. First, you must infuse a larger number of bouncebacks into the product. BUT, that you do so subtly. Second, you need to make sure that the product itself is the BEST that it can be. This means making sure that you give people a ROADMAP for doing whatever it is you claim.

In the fourth step, website design, there is one advanced technique you MUST use. That is to make sure that you have a blog attached to it. This will be easiest done if you use WordPress as your platform.

The fifth step is driving traffic to your site. The ADVANCED technique here relates to the blog as well. To drive more traffic to your site, start blogging . . . FREQUENTLY. If you want to get more traffic to your site, blog a LOT. How much? As often as you have interesting or important information to share with your niche. In my case, this sometimes comes to 3 times a day.

Sixth in the list of steps is to convert MORE visitors into buyers. How? I would suggest using more video. This will give you a higher closing ratio. Keep the videos short and pithy, but use them. It will work.

Last on the list, number seven is to get people who buy to buy more often. AND, when they buy to buy MORE each time they buy. The advanced tool to make this happen is to give people MUCH MORE than what you promised them. In doing this, you’ll get people who will not only buy from you again and again, but they will spread the word to others.

There are MORE advanced information marketing techniques, but these are the basic ones you need to use.

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