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There are a number of people who sell information products who ALSO do coaching. I’m one of them. I’d like to give you some information to help you evaluate the ISSUES you should consider before giving anyone your hard earned cash.

Here are some things to consider BEFORE making your decision.

1. Are you looking for a short term “bit of advice” or are you looking for someone to hold your hand in an ongoing “relationship”.

2. Does the coach provide you with a way to EARN BACK the money you have paid him or her?

3. Does the coach you’re considering have a system set up where they have a vested interest in your success?

4. Is the coach willing to give you a written contract detailing the TERMS of your DEAL?

5. What kind of access will you get to your coach? Phone? Email? Personal contact? Will you be dealing with that person DIRECTLY or one of his or her underlings?

6. Will you be provided with additional materials to read, listen to or watch in order to improve your chances for success selling your info products?

7. Do you get a good FEEL for the person you’re considering working with or do you get the “vibe” that it’s all about the MONEY?

8. Will your potential coach let you speak with others who have used his/her coaching services?

9. Do you feel the time frame you’ve been given for success is REALISTIC or do you feel the promised results can’t possibly happen THAT quickly?

10. Have you Googled the person you’re considering getting involved with to see the comments about this individual in the public forum?

These are ten of the most important questions you need to get answered BEFORE you even consider using someone as your coach. They aren’t every question you should ask, but they are SOME of the MORE IMPORTANT ones.

Make sure you get an answer to the above before you even consider using a person as your coach. Any of the best info marketing coaching programs will give you answers to these questions that will make you feel comfortable.

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2 Responses to “Best Information Marketing Coaching Programs”

  1. Grant Tregellas on September 16th, 2010 7:11 pm

    Having ventured slowly into the world of e-commerce, I’ve found 2 very different camps out there in terms of getting the information you need to get ahead.

    Having said that, I’ve found quite an inner conflict within me in terms of having the attitude: “well, it’s business, you do what you need to get ahead” and the alternative which is “I know that’s the right thing to do, but then will I really get ahead.”

    That’s all theory though. When one gets down to the real business of dealing with customers you will find your true nature shine through, for better or worse.

    Running an ethical business and putting in the real work is a lot more rewarding than the empty profit’s made through dodgy business practices.

    And following the advice of those who claim that that would be the only way to get ahead is simply setting yourself up for future business disaster.

    Marketing is marketing, we all have a job to do to make a profit. But just because a lot of what is done is online, doesn’t suddenly mean the customers you are selling to are faceless avatars!

    I don’t want to be scammed, so why should I do that to someone else. And why support some “guru” who obviously operates by those principles.

  2. Fred Gleeck on September 17th, 2010 12:51 am

    Thanks! I’ll have to check out your music next time I’m in South Africa!!

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