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If you’re involved in marketing and selling info products, books have to be PART of your product mix. Those who avoid writing books are misguided. You need to have books as well as audios, videos, seminars and everything else. I’ve recently gotten involved with Google and their book selling channel.

If you haven’t heard about it, our good friends at Google have now gotten into the business of selling books. Given that Google is the eight hundred pound gorilla, you need to play with this animal. Earlier this weekend, I went onto the site, and uploaded a bunch of my books to be sold through this channel.

To date, I have NO data. But, I do know the data on Google as a whole. AND, you and I both need to BE THERE.

Click this LINK to find out more for yourself.

If you’re one of those authors who feel like Google is “STEALING” your material, this is NOT for you. If, on the other hand, you’re an author who properly understands info marketing and bouncebacks, this seems like a very sensible program to get involved with.

I’m very interested to see what the numbers look like. I’ll give you my report as soon as I know. Remember the book is where it all gets started for MANY people who find out about you.

Books are inexpensive and easy to consume. They are an ideal front-end product. And, if you do write them, don’t put them out EXCLUSIVELY in ebook form. You need to get them printed in traditional HARD COPY form.

Google has a HUGE reach. Having your books available through Google seems like a great idea. I’m in the process of uploading ALL of my books. When you do the same, make sure and read all the particulars. The one ODD thing about this “deal” is that Google wont’ disclose the percentage SPLIT. That’s kinda weird, but it doesn’t matter if you are more concerned (as you should be) about how many people will see and click on your bounceback offers.

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