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Since information marketing is what I do for a living, I always have my eyes open for things I can share with you. MANY times I’ve been driving in the car and heard something on the radio. I’ve said to myself: “I’ve got to share that idea with people.” By the time I got to where I was going I could not, for the life of me, remember what it is that I promised myself I would remember.

Do YOU have a similar problem?

All of our human hard drives are approaching capacity. There is very little drive space left to store information. No matter how hard to TRY to remember things, much of it will slip through the cracks in your mind. Sad but true.

What to do?

I do NOT suggest you try taking notes while driving. I’ve tried it and it can make for some very interesting hand gestures when people SCREAM by you as you’re writing. I was surprised as one guy recently went by me indicating that he felt I was NUMBER ONE. Or at least that’s what his hand gesture SEEMED to indicate.

I do it two ways. If I’m at my computer, which is MOST of the time I’m at home. I have a note file open where I put every good idea I come up with. Selling info products demands that a good portion of every day is spent in front of the computer. I will dump EVERY idea that comes into my mind into a text file on my mac.

I do NO screening at that point. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a brilliant idea. I can sort that out later. For now, all I want to do is get the idea on paper so I have NO chance of forgetting it.

Selling information products has a lot of different facets. There is a LOT that I can use. So, I write everything down. YOU should as well. You can always discard anything you don’t find useful later. For now, write it down.

What about in the car?

Get yourself a cheap digital recorder to always have handy. If you’re an Iphone customer, there are now a number of apps which turn your phone into a simple digital recording device. That way you can capture those great ideas when driving without getting people really annoyed.

Don’t let those great ideas get away. Capture them any way you can. On land, on sea and in the air.

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