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Choosing a Model in the Information Marketing Field

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There are a lot of ways to make money in the field of information marketing. What works for me may NOT work for you and vice versa. If you want to make a living selling info products, you have to make sure that you pick a model that fits you and your approach to both business and life.

My model is to create great content so that people will sign up to be on my list. Once they are on my list, my goal is to consistently deliver to them HIGH QUALITY content. As people get to know me they will see that I’m not your TYPICAL internet marketing guy. Generating revenue is important to me, but it isn’t my PRIMARY concern.

After people get to know me through my free content on info marketing, my hope is that some will take the plunge and actually BUY something from me. In many cases it will be a relatively inexpensive item. Often an audio program that’s downloadable. Many that I have sell for less than $100.

It’s funny though. There have been a number of people in the last couple of years who have been on my list receiving free information and their FIRST purchase from me was to attend one of my Fred Info Bootcamps. This is GREAT, but UNEXPECTED. Many people may not feel comfortable putting out a few thousand dollars before they get to know me.

BUT, on the other hand, I can give myself credit for gaining enough trust with people who are my ezine subscribers that they feel comfortable to plunk down some relatively big money to come to one of these events.

Back to my MODEL.

So, whether people buy an inexpensive product, or come to a bootcamp right off the bat, my goal is to get them to EVENTUALLY come to a Fred Info Bootcamp. After we spend a week together, there will be certain people where there seems to be a connection. If that connection is good on both a personal and professional level, we might take things to the next level.

At that point there would be two options.

First, they might become a one to one coaching client. The details of this program can be found at: This program is used where a client want to work with me and is willing to put up $20,000 up front to do so. The first $20,000 we generate together is theirs to keep. After that, they are obligated to send me 10% of any of the profits our efforts generate.

I use this model for people who want to work with me and I’m not SUPER excited to work in their particular field. I may like and respect them as a business person, but the field isn’t anything that excites me a great deal. BUT, if I decide to work with someone, I’ll give it my all.

The second option is the 50-50 deal. After someone attends the bootcamp we both decide we want to work together. They put NO money up front and we split the profits 50-50 from day one. This is my preferred way to work. It always feels more fair to me when their is an even split like this.

I’ve also got to really like both the individual and the project to work on this basis.

Many people PREFER to pay me the $20k up front so that they have to pay me LESS later on. That’s fine too. Whatever makes more sense to them.

In either of the above scenarios, I get to know the person first before doing a deal like this. I can’t imagine accepting clients without this kind of a process. Many information marketers feel that I’m nuts. For this AND other reasons!

This is MY model. It works for me. YOU may have a completely different way that you do business in the selling of info products, but this model works and it works well. FOR ME!

I also end up selling a fair amount of products along the way. Many people will want to see what my less expensive products are like BEFORE they attend a bootcamp. After buying some of my other products, my goal is ALWAYS to get people (if they are the RIGHT people) to attend a bootcamp.

This is my model. We’ll be talking about other models in future blog posts.

Stay tuned!!

Building a Turbo-Charged Consulting Business

Want to get paid to give advice? This is the program for you. Learn the inside secrets to getting paid to consult, regardless of the field you're in.

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